This website is a dedication to the Australian Union and Confederate Veterans of the American Civil War of 1861 – 1865. It has been created from numerous sources, government documents, research libraries and hundreds of pieces of information emailed in and donated by individuals from all over Australia and the United States; and includes work by individuals in both the “Sons of Confederate Veterans”, the “Sons of Union Veterans”, the “American Civil War Round Table of Queensland” the “American Civil of Round Table of Australia”, the late Roy Parker and others.

Hundred of thousands of individuals from all over the world participated in the American “War Between the States”; many in the north forcibly and against their will, inducted into Union service right off ships as they immigrated to America seeking a better life. Many others volunteered for what they thought would be a very short conflict, in a war that was deemed by the U.S. Constitution to be both illegal and without merit. Men of the southern states, however, white and black, all served voluntarily in defence of their “states rights”, brought on by aggressive northern governmental taxation, and in the protection of their homes and property from total destruction.

What ever the reason for their participation, no matter what their nationality, no matter what their race and no matter for which side they fought; all served gallantly as honourable soldiers in a war that took thousands of lives needlessly. As such, all American Civil War Veterans, Union and Confederate, should always be remembered and honoured for their bravery and gallantry in that disastrous conflict.

Many veterans after the war was over left America for other parts of the world, seeking peace and solitude, hoping to forget the tragedies of war and begin life anew somewhere else. May returned to their native lands of Scotland, England, Ireland, Germany, Russia and other countries. Many others followed Australians who fought in the war back to Australia, where they built new lives, married, raised families and left many descendants who remain even today.

It is for those veterans, now buried in Australia, and for their descendants, that this perpetual memorial website has been made. To insure that their war veteran ancestors, like the Australian war veterans of modern wars, will never again be forgotten.


Major Arthur John

Australia’s last “Real Son” of a Civil War Veteran

Australian Army Education Service Corp

Senior Australian Education Officer,

British Commonwealth Occupation Forces, Japan


 Major Arthur W. John, who today lives in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia, is the 99 year old son of Confederate veteran Joseph John, 54th Virginia Infantry, Company  K, who is buried in Fulham, London, England.